Friday, July 22, 2011

Zoe's New Friend

We have been traveling around a lot which I think is a little confusing for the dogs. The have been meeting a lot of new people, animals and have been sleeping in a lot of new "homes". I think they have been handling the travel pretty well, but last night Zoe did something that, to me, suggests that she may be a little confused about all the changes happening to her surroundings. The event involved Zoe and a huge mirror Nate's sister has leaning against the wall in her guest room. Normally, Zoe avoids mirrors. Both of our dogs normally do. I'll hold them up to see if they will react at all to their image but they both usually refuse to look at themselves. The will twist and turn in any way they can so they are not facing the mirror. This is why Nate and I were both so surprised when we looked up at one point and saw this.

Zoe spent a half an hour looking at herself, sniffing the mirror and at one point licking her reflection. She seemed completely intrigued by the dog on the other side of the glass. My thoughts on this sudden change:

      1. Our dog has spontaneously developed a narcissistic personality disorder.
      2. Zoe has met so many new animal friends that she thought her reflection was another really friendly furry friend
      3. It was so hot last night that she became delusional
Whatever the reason, it was really cute to see Zoe interact with herself and while her new friend will always play with her, her best friend will always be Madeline. 

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