Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweet Potatoes and Pine Nuts

When you are not eating wheat it is really easy to feel like your meals are lacking substance. This is really noticeable when you go out to eat and realize how much restaurants use bread as a filler. That's where food like potatoes and rice really help. Potatoes and I have become really good friends over the last year but since there is less variety in filling starchy food,  you have to get creative on how you make dishes so you don't get bored. I like using sweet potatoes because they taste great and have more nutrition than regular potatoes and the pine nuts give a great flavor as well as some protein to the dish. This dish is also great because you can make as much as you need.

  • 1 medium sweet potato per person
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic salt
  • Pepper
  • Pine nuts
Peel and slice the sweet potatoes into medium slices. In a medium bowl drizzle the sweet potatoes with enough olive oil to lightly coat your slices. Add a sprinkling of garlic salt and pepper (to taste) and mix with 1/8 cup of pine nuts (for two sweet potatoes). Cook the sweet potatoes,covered, on high in a saute pan, stirring occasionally, until they are browned and thoroughly cooked. Transfer immediately to a serving dish and enjoy!

Notes: This dish is best served warm to hot. The pine nuts can burn in the pan even after the heat is turned off which is why you need to transfer to a serving dish right away.

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