Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesdays with Will: Trip to New England Part I

I love traveling and I love capturing all the special moments. Then I get home and get to relive the trip through all the pictures... in this case, all 500 of them. And somehow, I need to pick out just a few to share... but how am I supposed to do that when I love them all? Well the answer is I don't. Don't worry, I'm still going to weed through and get rid of the blurry/duplicate pics but I'm also going to split our trip so that you don't get picture overload but still get to bask in the glory that is New England in the fall!

On Thursday we took a morning flight up to Boston. Will got his first experience of public transportation and while we had high hopes of going to the children or science museum, instead we went up to Davis square and stuffed our faces with our favorite Thai food and ice cream from JP Licks.

To burn off some of those calories, we leisurely walked back to Harvard Square where we picked up Nate's favorite pizza from Pinocchio's to bring on the train with us up to Maine. We caught a late train in the hopes that Will would fall asleep.

Successful Plan! Although it took awhile, Will did fall asleep and decided to sleep in some interesting positions.

We decided to take the train since the round trip cost was about 1/4 the price of renting a car and it allowed more freedom with an on the go toddler.

We got up to Maine around 8 pm and on Friday we spent the day relaxing, catching up with our advisor and gathering materials for a couple of projects (yes we DIY even on vacation!). On Saturday we spent the morning really getting into the Fall spirit with some apple picking! We haven't been apple picking since we moved to Florida and this was Will's first time and we had a blast.

Over the years Wallingford farms has really grown and this year they had a large play area, animals, and two corn mazes on top of the apple picking. Will really loved the play area!

I don't know what they were looking at but it seemed like a very "guy" picture...

And then of course there were the apples!

We went the first week they were open so we definitely got our pick of the apples.

Will really got into it...

It was a gorgeous day and we were able to get some great family shots

Apple picking wouldn't be complete without apple dumplings and donuts. See that little face down there? It is STUFFED with yummy goodness.

Want to see something cool? The pic on the left is from a trip apple picking 10 years ago with our friend Helen. This is before Nate and I were even dating. Now we have our little guy to fill out the flowers. Also, someone was either really good at replicating the flowers or that is the same sign, 10 years older! Isn't that crazy?

 Will is taking his baby ninja warrior training very seriously. Can't even take a break on vacay. We even had to stop him from trying to carry the 40 lbs of apples we got all by himself :)

So that is the first half of our trip! We definitely hit the timing right for weather and activities and we'll show you the rest of the trip once you've had a chance to recover from the picture overload that just occurred.

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