Friday, September 5, 2014

Birds Flying High

Have I finished painting the trim?

Have I finished painting the walls?
That would be a negative

Doors hung or curtains made?
Ha... that's funny

What we do have are some awesome birds flying on our ceiling. I definitely needed a push in this room to finish all the mundane painting and my little bird stencil has been calling my name for weeks. It's just what I needed to get excited about this room again. I'll have more info on inspiration, process and final pics next week at which point hopefully the painting in this room will be DONE! 


  1. Those are pretty. But I could never look up that long. I suffer from vertigo. LOL. Is that a see through window between rooms I see? Pretty cool!

    1. It is! We have two huge ones from our living and dining room into our sunroom. I could only work in 15 minute chunks before I had to give my head and arm a break :)