Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesdays with Will: Easter

Ready for a picture heavy post filled with our little Easter bunny? 

We had a semi-untraditional Easter this year. This is technically Will's second Easter but last year we were still in the hospital so we figured to do something special this year so we spent the day at Animal Kingdom. It was our first trip to Disney as a family and all of our first trip to Animal Kingdom. We had a great day and Will was so into it he didn't nap the whole time (until he finally passed out in the car on the way home). His favorite spots were the boneyard and the affection section and generally enjoyed toddling around. We also saw the Finding Nemo Musical which Will seemed to actually enjoy and it was really impressive for us too. I'll let the rest of the day be told in pictures.

 Loved Tiger and Pooh

 The Boneyard is tons of fun!

Riding the Train to Pet the Animals

 So good with the animals. He brushed and petted and didn't pull their hair once.... wish he would do that with our dogs...

Favorite Pic of the day

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