Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesdays with Will: 13 Months

This week I took Will to the Children's museum and on the walk there, we stopped and said Hi to the swans at a nearby lake. 

Right now I'm:
  • Definitely expressing my opinion on everything
  • Saying "hi" to everyone and everything I can
  • Shaking my head "no" when I don't want something
  • Preferring to walk instead of crawl (and pulling mom or dad by the hand to where I want to go)
  • Loving peanut butter sandwiches and my smoothies
  • Saying "bye-bye", "dada/daddy", "mama" and almost saying "help", "doggy", and "Zo-zo" 
  • Clapping and saying "yay" if someone else claps
  • Dancing (swaying back and forth) if a song I like comes on
  • Loving Thomas the Tank Engine, Ellen, and Family Feud (shows with lots of clapping or singing)

Will is really giving quite the looks these days. These were mostly due to him trying to figure out the birds but we are pretty much always laughing at his various faces.

One thing I love about our town is that there are a ton of ducks and the are always in pairs. They'll wait for each other when the cross the street and get really upset if someone gets between them. These two were too cute and were never more than a foot or two apart.

Speaking of funny faces, this heron decided to go against the classic pose and give us a funny face. I've never seen a heron do this before and I couldn't stop laughing.

While swans can have a rep of being mean, ours are around people so much that they are really good and only really go crazy if you bring bread around. They mostly just ignored us and walked away if we got too close. I love this next pic because it looks like Will is being super sneaky and the swan has no idea what's coming. In reality, the swan got up and moved out of the way right after this pic.

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