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Achieve a Serene Bedroom {Guest Post}

Please give a warm welcome to Kathy Joe our first guest post! If you would like to guest post, please contact me

An enthusiastic hello to all the lovely readers! Let me introduce myself. I am Kathy Joe, a very ordinary human being with a strong passion to make everything beautiful. I eat,sleep,live home decor and love to experiment new ways to re-do things. Today I am sharing my thoughts with you on how to indulge in a serene bedroom. For more of my work and crafty endeavors, please catch me here.

Sublime Ways to Achieve a Serene Bedroom Using Bedspreads
The more hectic and driven your daily life is, the more you will need a calm and soothing bedroom in which you can completely relax, unwind and let go of all the stresses and tensions accumulated throughout the day. If you need to release pent-up frustration every day after work, then you may well benefit from a wonderfully tranquil bedroom, which you can achieve by using the following hints and tips.
Set the Overall Ambiance
Infuse your bedroom with gentle sounds and scents, such as whale song, bird calls or even gently babbling water. Be careful with the latter, especially if you have a temperamental bladder – you do not want to spend every night rushing to the loo because of the insistent waterfall sounds! Fragrant potpourri, scented candles and even room perfume can fill your room with fresh natural smells that will work to soothe and calm you down. Lavender is gorgeous and especially efficacious at enabling sleep.

Right in the Feels!
Use bedding with a soft silken texture to promote relaxation. If your bedspread feels great against your skin, you are much more likely to relax completely against it, allowing your muscles to fully release built-up tension. Texture is as important as colour in the bedroom, so make sure that you choose fabrics that appeal to you personally.

Soften the Colour Scheme of Bedspreads
The bedroom colour scheme should be gentle and harmonious. Use pale pastels, soft neutral colours with maybe just a hint of a strong accent colour to light the room out of hotel-room blandness. Save vibrant clashing prints for livelier rooms and invest in peaceful images and patterns for the bedroom, in the entire décor scheme, but especially as regards the bedspread. For gentle and easy on the eyes sort of bedspreads, my personal inclination is towards Yorkshire Linen Co.

Finish the Décor
Make sure that the bedspread and other soft furnishings help to create a whole décor theme. Having an unfinished or incomplete theme can make the room seem bitty and changeable which can be very disruptive of a good mood and exacerbate a poor one!

Harmonise the Colour Wheel
Where possible in the bedroom, use clear blocks of plain colour, with small degrees of variation in the shades of colours (for example, opt for soft pink with touches of white and a deeper pink, rather than bright blue, offset with sunshine yellow and lively red). Strongly contrasting colours look striking, but can prevent the brain from switching off as is desirable in the bedroom.

Go Back to Nature
Make use of natural images and effects, such as wood grain fabrics, flower patterns, even animal print bedding. These combine to create a wonderful homely ambiance that appeals to our inner caveman – the part that liked comfort and warmth, not the more primitive part that was ready to hunt down dinner when the opportunity presented itself! All joking aside, even the most urban-centric person feels a deep connection to natural patterns and sights that can help us to relax when used in the bedroom arena. For wood grain tiles my all time favorite is Houzz.

Keep It Simple!
There is one final point to remember when aiming to achieve a tranquil and calming bedroom. Simplicity is a key factor in décor that strives to minimise, detract and lessen tension. Just as all good movie or book plots have conflict as the central hub to the story (be it the small child standing up to the playground bully or the heroine finding the hero to be an obnoxious, chauvinist (before she falls utterly and hopelessly in love with him, of course!) so too should lively décor have conflict as a central theme, to spark interest and add layers of complexity to the room. However, in a bedroom where the main aim is to achieve quiet peace, then conflict should be removed and the quickest and easiest way to do that is by aiming for simplicity in décor.


Aren't those tips great! Thanks to Kathy Joe for spending the time to put those together for us. If you want to see more of her tips, make sure you head on over to her site!

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