Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Upgrade in the Bathroom

We sometimes have a tendency to hold onto things longer than we really should. I've recently been on a purge kick (we just got rid of two garbage bags of shoes) and our master bath shower curtain ended up on the short list of things that needed to go. We had been using it without a plastic liner for too long and as a result it had gotten pretty gross. I've tried to bleach it and let it hang out in the sun a few times but it was beyond saving.

I liked it in our previous bathrooms since it was nice and white with a subtle pattern but in current state of our master, it was a lot of white. So I picked up a slightly bolder curtain on sale at Target and this time I picked up a liner as well.

The curtain situation is a lot nicer now. I also don't cringe every time I get in the shower which is a big improvement.


Does anybody else feel so much better after such a little upgrade?

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