Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hanging Pictures in a Room with Huge Windows

Since we have huge windows on basically every wall of our downstairs, it really limits where pictures can be hung. I decided that the ever increasing pile of pictures without homes was really starting to bother me so I wanted to do something about it. 

I had been eyeing the space above the huge window in our living room for awhile but I wasn't sure if pictures that were big enough to see from the floor would fit in the space between the trim and the cove.  So, I finally mustered up the energy to hang one picture to see if I liked it (however I didn't have enough energy to actually move the couch so this was done by balancing on the back of it).

After a few days with the one picture up I finally decided that I really liked the picture up there and did a few more balancing acts to get the rest hung. Miraculously, I didn't break the couch, I didn't fall once and all the pictures seem to be correctly spaced/hung at the correct height despite not measuring anything (told you I was being lazy).

I must say I'm loving the pictures up there. When you walk into the living room this is the first thing that catches your eye and since they are close to the ceiling it makes the room feel super tall. I'm also glad to get five pics out of my pile and actually displayed. They can be clearly seen in the living room but since they aren't as clear in the pic above, the pics from left to right are:
1. A shot of me and my sister and dad when we were little
2. A pic of me and Nate at our wedding with the hot air balloon that landed across the street from our reception
3. A Bates towel that I framed years ago
4. Our group shot at our wedding with all our Bates friends, and finally
5. A funny pic of Madeline that I got after she was scared by a frog.

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