Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paper Art

Nate lived in Switzerland a few years back while he was working on his PhD. While he was there, he picked up some gorgeous handmade paper for me. It was really too pretty and special to do anything with it but display it. Initially, I had covered a couple of art canvases with it and hung it in the kitchen of our last house.

While they worked well like this in our last house, I didn't like how they were unframed in the new house. I aso didn't like how they were unprotected and you could already see some fading.

To fix all these issues, I picked up a bunch of frames from Ikea and carefully cut the paper down to size so they would fit in the frames. I had enough paper for eight frames but right now I am only using four.

I cut the paper as big as I could to still fit in the frame just in case I ever want to do anything else with the paper.

I then hung them in our newly made over guest room. The mat and frame break up all the color on the wall and now they are nicely protected. I also like how, with the smaller size, you focus more on the pretty print when you look at it.

For the cost of the frames and about 10 minutes of work, we now have "new" art that fits really well into our new space!

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  1. I like this idea. People think they don't have money for art...but this projects shows, most people have art in their wrapping supplies, but just don't know it!

    Love how it pops on that blue wall!


  2. Novel and sentimental at the same time, plus I think it looks great, especially displayed as a set like that.

  3. Looks good! I like how the white frames look against the dark wall. It really lets the paper pop. Sarah