Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Morning Routine

Hi! This is Zoey aka Zo-Zo aka That is not yours! I know that normally my mom and dad write on this thing but they are both sick so I volunteered to to get up and give you an idea of my best friend Madeline and my morning routine so they could sleep in.

We would prefer to sleep in until at least 9:30, but on days that our mom and dad go to work, we have to make sure they get up on time. This means that we sometimes have to get up at 7! (if they have to get up earlier than that we let the alarm take care of it and pretend that we are asleep). I wake up mom by crawling on her and licking her nose. Madeline wakes up dad by sitting on his head.

Once they are up it is cuddle time! This is mandatory and if we don't give our parents enough attention, we must jump on the back of their legs as they walk around the house so they know they are loved.

Next up is outdoor time. I love the outdoors. It smells nice and the big bright thing in the sky makes me feel all nice and warm. Madeline seems to actually do things when we go "out" but I just like to enjoy the scenery.

When we come back in we get a treat... did someone say treat??? I have a really little mouth so I only get a little treat but that's ok with me... it still takes me awhile to eat it. Madeline gets a special treat that she just swallows. She says it makes her knees feel better but I've never tried one so she may be lying.

By this point mom and dad are busy getting ready to go to work so we take the opportunity to get our morning workout in. We like to workout a lot but we have little legs so our workouts don't last very long.

After our workout we are pretty tired (we have been up since seven you know) so it is nap time. I'm pretty tired from writing this thing so I think I'm going to go snuggle back in bed. Have a good morning!

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