Friday, December 9, 2011

Chalkboard in the Kitchen

As many of you know, we are sciency academics and we love our chalkboards (not fans of whiteboards). We have this huge chalkboard that we haven't been able to hang since 2008 since we don't have any walls long enough (our apartment back then had one wall that could handle it) so it is sitting in our garage.

We also had this chalkboard in our last house in our kitchen:

This one sadly had to stay with the house when we sold it. Luckily it had a twin. Nate got these two from a guy he worked with a few summers ago for free. This guy had taken old classroom boards and cut them down into more reasonable sizes, but then didn't really have a use for them. Nate was more than happy to take a couple off his hands especially because they are real slate (and seriously heavy).

Now the twin to the one above is in our new kitchen!

Now, you'll notice that we haven't put a nice boarder around this one like the last one. This is because we are planning on taking the wall that it is on down and so we did enough to secure it, but didn't want to go through a lot to get it back down.

We love using the chalk board for lists, menu ideas and the occasional science/math debate.

That ends the kitchen updates for now. We have a few things on our list (as you can see on the board) that we need to get done before we takle any big renovations in here, but we are excitedly planning for that day.
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