Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trip to MA and ME

A few weekends ago we took a whirlwind trip to the Northeast. Not only was it a quick trip, but it involved rain, snow and a lot of wind. I am actually surprised that we had basically no delays.

We managed to hit New England the weekend that the big Nor'easter also decided to visit. We got up there with a very small delay and managed to make it to our friend's baby shower (fashionably late). Then the next day we helped them move and visited with our other friends who are also having a baby! Around 7:30 pm, it started snowing, at at 8 pm, we started to drive up to Maine to visit my parents and sister. Four and a half hours later, we finally made it. Here are the reasons it took about 2 hours more than normal.

1. It was snowing. Now this isn't too big of deal for us since we are used to driving in snow. Unfortunately not everyone is and so many people were going about 30 mph in a 65.

2. We were in a rental car. Once again, shouldn't have been that big of a deal. However, we are used to driving our car with the awesome tires my dad bought us which will manage to maintain friction where there is no friction. This rental car acted like the tires were bald. And so much snow caked up into the wheel wells that we had to stop a few time and kick it out so that the tires would turn properly.

3. You couldn't see the road. The plows weren't doing an awesome job of keeping the roads clear so for the most part the cars were driving where ever they thought the road was. This resulted in multiple cars going off the road and then everybody else slowing down to see what happened.

All of this resulted in us going about 35-45 mph the entire way. Then by some miracle we were able to make it up the hills getting to my parents house. And as Murphy's law would suggest. The power went out about 20 min after we made it to the house.

Luckily for us, we got power back the next morning (unlike friends of ours who didn't have power for 12 days) and we were able to enjoy the fact that we were experiencing fall and winter in the same weekend!

When my dad cleaned off our car, a perfect impression of the grill came off!

Here Nate and I are in the hall that we met my freshman year. The building has been converted from dorms to an academic building so our rooms have been converted to the Mechanical room :(.

The snow and roads had cleared up by the time we had to drive back down to Boston and there was not delay in our flight home!

Despite the fact that it was a quick trip, we had a really good time and it was really great to see everyone that we could. Plus the stress of driving in the snow (I wanted to stop about a million times) made it so I don't think I will miss winter this year!

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