Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sun room curtains

Yesterday you saw our custom valance for the sun room. Today, you will see the custom curtains for the sun room.

There you go... you have now seen it. To get the desired privacy without the loss of light, we hung sheer white curtains that we had lying around and then I sewed the green curtains. The green fabric is actually an outdoor fabric but I like how well it went with the valance fabric I had to get it. You can't tell in this pic, but I made them quite short, as in just to the base of the windows. This is because I eventually want to move the couch out of this space and do something like these images I got off Google images:

I'd like this to become a cozy reading area/game room. Right now we are leaning toward the upper pic as our plan. 

Now that you've seen what our sun room (at least half of it) looks like and what we have planned, here is a breakdown of the price so far:

PVC Pipe : 2 @ $1.22 = $ 2.44
Valance fabric: 2.5 yards @ $4/yard = $10
Curtain fabric : 4 yards on sale @ $7/yard = $28
Batting: on sale for $7.95

Everything else: Free aka we already had it

Total with tax: $51.78

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