Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red Sox in FL

The time finally came for the Sox's to be in Tampa and to make going even more tempting, one of our friends got a deal for the party deck at Tropicana field so we scooped up some tickets. Now, we've been told that most Floridian's are from other places in the country, but to walk into Tropicana field on this particular Friday, you would swear you were in a cleaner version of Fenway. Apparently, half of the Ray's fans turn into Sox's fans when they are in town. I was totally blown away by this and so I took some pics because I didn't think people would believe me.

Here's a close up of one particular section that seemed to be heavy in Sox's fans.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a great series for the Sox's, but the game was fun and despite the results, they are still ahead of the Ray's!

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