Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog Tired

You have all read how I got to New England last week (I use the plural "you" very optimistically) and my ups and downs of travel. Unfortunately, Nate didn't have an easier time getting up here yesterday. Everything started out great. Our new neighbors were very kind and gave Nate a ride to the airport in Tampa so that he didn't have to take Greyhound all the way there. That meant he didn't have to leave the house nearly as early and got to inspect the roof for damage before he left (more on that later). His good fortune did not extend to the airport though. His flight out of Tampa was delayed, which meant he would miss his connecting flight to Boston (he was flying through Baltimore). He was initially told that there was no way to get him to Boston last night and that they would fly him to Baltimore and put him up in a hotel and give him a free round trip ticket. While all of those things sound pretty good, they didn't hold a candle to getting our little family back together, so after performing some magic, Nate got a flight that would get him in to Boston by midnight flying through Atlanta. Apparently the airline performed some magic as well since Nate was originally told he couldn't get in last night because there were no more flights going to Boston. Hmmmm..... I want these magical powers. Creating flights out of thin air would be an awesome super power in my book. Much better than flying yourself... you don't have to pay attention, no bugs flying in your face, free food and drink served to you....

Anyway, I digress. Nate gets to Atlanta without a problem. While this is all happening, the pups and I are driving from Maine down to Boston. I lost my brain for a bit yesterday and forgot about rush hour traffic and I hit it dead on. Needless to say, it took a really long time to get to our friends Adam and Megan's house even with using my super sneaky back way. All that was left to do was to collect Nate at the airport. Originally, Nate was supposed to get in at 9:30 which is a great time because you can get to the airport without hitting traffic, but it isn't too late. With the plane switch, his arrival time got pushed to midnight. Still great on the traffic front; not so great on the lateness front.

By the time Nate and his stuff was in the car it was 12:30 (his flight was delayed 20 min) and by the time we got to our friends' house, it was 1 in the morning (there was a detour). We were all tired (I dragged the dogs with me to the airport which they were not happy about until they realized Nate was back) but what made matters worse was that the dogs had a grooming appointment at 8 a.m. at there soon to be old groomer, in Attleboro, 40 min away without traffic. This is where we get to the title of this post. We did get up, we did get the dogs to their appointment and we did get to see our friend Evie for breakfast which was great! We even rescued a run away dog at Brandeis (thanks to Zoe distracting the dog long enough to catch her) and brought her to her vet down the street using some creative measure to keep her in the backseat and our dogs in the front. But despite our productiveness, we were tired. Really tired. Nate went off to hear his friend defenses and the pups and I crashed in his office for the afternoon. There is this great couch in Nate's office and the dogs jumped right up and within minutes were asleep. Not the one eye open kind of sleep, but the are you alive? kind of sleep. They were so tired they didn't even notice that I spent waaay to long taking pictures of them. This pretty much sums up how we were all feeling today.

Eyes opened for a second

We are hitting the sack early tonight to prep for Nate's thesis defense tomorrow. Everybody keep your fingers crossed and happy dreaming!

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